Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note; This page is still under construction. It will include examples of common questions.

For potential newcomers

Following are answers to topics you may be curious about when living in Dickeyville.

Q. Is Dickeyville considered as Baltimore County or Baltimore City for property tax purposes?

A.  Dickeyville homes are close to the Baltimore County line but are within the Baltimore City western boundary.  So homeowners pay property taxes to Baltimore City.

Living in Dickeyville

Q. Are there compulsory Home Owner Association fees in Dickeyville?

A. No.  However, residents are encouraged to pay annual DCA Dues to support the operations of the Dickeyville Community Association.  To understand the benefits of supporting the voluntary community association and the value of these dues, please see the page About DCA Dues which outline the numerous events and services provided and the method for managing the DCA Dues.

Q. How much and when are DCA Dues meant to be paid?

A. Dues of the Association are $50 per household for the period of January 1st through December 31st and are payable by March 1st. See the DCA Dues page for further information on payment methods.

External Home Modification/Architectural Matters



Submitting Content to the Website

Q. Can anyone request information to go on the website or village blog?

A.  Current Dickeyville residents and property owners are able to submit content to go on the website.  We welcome articles on the Village Blog, photos and videos of village life and adding events to the Village Events Calendar.  You can find details on the page About the Village Blog.  There are suggested guidelines for the best format and method to send in this information; these are located here.