Dickeyville Garden Club

A message from the DGC President 

Cottage rose gardens.  Bay-Wise certified landscapes.  Herb and vegetable plots.  Native shade gardens.  These are just a few of the varied gardens that you will find in the Historic Dickeyville community on the West side of Baltimore.  The Dickeyville Garden Club proudly supports both the seasoned gardeners in the Village as well as those who are keen to learn how to transform their property into a magical space that can both look beautiful and also support the local eco-system here in Maryland.

Dickeyville Garden Club sketch. From www.dickeyvillegardenclub.com

Dickeyville Garden Club sketch. From www.dickeyvillegardenclub.org

It is my pleasure to be at the helm of this community organization, which has existed for more than half a century.  Over those many years, the DGC has done wonderful work in the Village.  The Garden Club has spearheaded projects to maintain common areas like Salamander Way on the banks of the Gwynns Falls, and the entrances and signs that welcome visitors to our neighborhood.  The DGC has also run Village-wide events, like the annual Pancake Breakfast and Greens Sale at the Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church, and the Bonfire and Stew Cook-Off in the cool, crisp air of each November.

I am encouraged to see and feel an excitement about gardening and connecting to our natural world from residents of Dickeyville.  There is a palpable energy surrounding how we can help the planet stay healthy and vibrant, and the members of the DGC are honored to be a part of that movement.  I look forward to helping the Garden Club reach out to the community in various ways in order to further this knowledge – whether it is through garden tours, lectures, or book clubs, or simply though casual backyard gatherings on a warm spring night.

Please consider joining the Dickeyville Garden Club to find out more.  We welcome you to visit our website and to our Village!

Amy Cyman


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