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Resident Article: Where was the chocolate mill?

By Seely Foley–Like many of you, I’ve found new ways to fill my days in the time of social distancing. I love historical research, so while I’m stuck in my house I thought I’d focus on my own neighborhood. My current quest started with a

Parting Shots – Love story by the Dickeyville Kids

PARTING SHOTS The following are quotes from previous Dickeyville residents (initials correspond to previous authors listed in previous memoir extracts): Oh Dickeyville, Dickeyville, there’s never been a place like you before, and again, never will!  lgw She’s like an old best friend that you know

Series Part 24 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

by Alison Sandlass Car, Henry L. Sandlass, Karen Reese The following untitled piece speaks of my father’s childhood memory of Wetheredsville/Dickeyville, having grown up in nearby Forest Park. The golf course and Hillsdale Road between Maine Avenue and our turf was all woodland then, with

Series Part 23 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Lane Harding Psotto, Lisa Zavadil Hennigan & Philip Sleck Memories from Lane Harding Psotto I am Lane Harding Psotto. 2505 Pickwick Road.  I remember how much fun to go trick or treating at Hallowen.  My memories of Chris and Nancy Taylor. The Lovelace family.

Series Part 20 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Page Smith Morgan Memories from Page Smith Morgan Thinking of Dickeyville naturally invokes a rush of childhood memories – in fact all the memories I have of childhood were made in Dickeyville. When you live in one place your entire growing up years, memories become

Series Part 19 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Alison Sandlass Carr & Elinor Sandlass Cecil Memories from Alison Sandlass Carr Jaques Kelly mentions the Palm Sunday blizzard of 1942, one of my earliest memories of Dickeyville. We lived at 2324 Pickwick at that time, before Elinor was born. A wire fence between us

Series Part 18 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Christine Meeks Wedeking Memories from Christine Meeks Wedeking Wayne [Markert] breaking his leg when he fell into quicksand-like material at the building site next to the old Parish Hall – traction set up in Markert’s living room. Sunday school dances and plays in old Parish

Series Part 17 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Ralph Lloyd Memories from Ralph Lloyd It wouldn’t seem right not having at least one of the Lloyd boys contribute some stories, and I doubt that any of my brothers will.  I’ve been thinking about (and procrastinating) this evolution since Anne suggested we have the