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Sebastian’s War on Trash

Thanks to everyone who helped pick up trash on Forest Park this weekend. A special thanks to the Oakes family, especially young Sebastian who was excited to lead neighborhood efforts. “Together, we collected enough to overfill the back of our truck.  It was nice to

Patching up Pickwick

We get a few potholes on the main street of Pickwick Rd, but fortunately Baltimore City services is very responsive.  A quick call to 311 and the cheery patch-up crew arrived the next morning – seen here repairing the 2500 block of Pickwick Rd.  

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Lecture Series – Aesthetic Value of Mathematics

In early December 2015, Dickeyville residents were treated to a fascinating presentation given by neighbor, Mel Currie on “The Aesthetic Value of Mathematics” Lecture description – In general, mathematicians do not do mathematics simply because it is useful any more than poets devote themselves to their art