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Inspiring presentation on Paralympics by David McCrae

In October, as part of Dickeyville’s Lecture Series, we were honored to learn about David McCrae’s personal experiences during his international volleyball career.  The Dickeyville resident is a long time Paralympic Games representative and multiple Olympic Games organizer. His presentation covered the evolution of disability

End of Summer – Upcoming Events

Dear Dickeyvillians, Along with our premier summer event on the July 4th weekend, we hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful few months of sunshine, beach, lakes, hiking, barbecuing, concerts and fun times with friends and families. Sadly, tomorrow officially signifies the end of summer.  But fear

Recipe by popular demand…

As requested by several villagers, we are posting a recipe for the delightful beverage served at Kathleen Vander Horst’s brunch during July 4th Celebrations. Bourbon Slush 24 cups strong tea 6  x 12 oz cans frozen orange juice 3  x 12 oz cans frozen lemonade 12 cups

Working together for greater village liveability

Dickeyville has seen a revival of young families during the past few years and the village is buzzing with renewed energy; both older and younger residents alike.  This has also resulted in the frequent crossing of Forest Park Road at Pickwick Road by residents on foot, on bikes, with prams