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Three is a crowd…?

Not according to Becky and Mark McMillen who recently welcomed their third child, (sweet) Adeline. The new arrival was born on Jan 10, 2017 weighing in at 6 lb 4 oz.  At 6 weeks old, Addie is just getting adjusted to the basics of babyhood

Love at first sight for Heather..

If Meri Belle (that’s the dog) looks a bit familiar, it’s because she is half sister to Sally Marsh’s standard Schnauzer show dog, Schweitzer. Meri Belle is a nine year old rescue who is very happy to find good company and a stable home with

New furry friends in the village

You may notice a few new four-legged residents wandering around Dickeyville.  We are pleased to introduce the following furry friends: Bill Russ is very attached to basset hounds and it’s been quite a while since his Barney passed away. But never fear, Barney II is