Timeline of Project Approval Process

  1. Before starting your project, please call or email the DAC Chairperson to see whether a submittal is necessary for your project or if you have questions.
  2. Complete a Project Submittal form for your project.
  3. Talk to your neighbors about your project.  Ask them to fill out a Neighbor Comment form.
  4. Email your submittal to DAC Chairperson (preferred) or submit one hard copy.
  5. Review process – The committee will review your submittal and contact you if more information is needed or if they have questions.
  6. Approval – Your submittal will either be approved, approved with suggested revisions or not approved. You will be informed in writing by the DAC typically within two weeks.
  7. Notice to Proceed – If the project is approved, the letter will be copied to CHAP and you should fill out an  Application for Notice to Proceed and a permit if required.
  8. Permits – CHAP will inform you if a permit is required or you may contact the Plans Examining and Permit Section of Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Community Development (410.396.3361)

Please note: A Permit will not be granted if the project has not received a Notice to Proceed from CHAP and CHAP will not issue a Notice to Proceed without approval from the DAC.

If your submittal is not approved then you may A) revise and resubmit B) not proceed with the project or C) seek arbitration from CHAP (See C.H.A.P Guidelines)

9.  Inspections – You should notify the DAC when construction starts and when it is complete, so that the DAC can confirm that you conformed to what was approved.

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