Planning a Project: In-depth Guidelines

The Dickeyville Architectural & Preservation Guidelines is an abbreviated version of the Baltimore City Historic Preservation Procedures and Design Guidelines (also known as the CHAP Guidelines). They also contain guidelines unique to Dickeyville that have been developed by the community over time and that are honored by CHAP.

Which projects require submittal?

Large tree on Pickwick Rd2 Jan 2016 Photo - Sheridan Jones McCrae-minAny exterior alteration of your property requires a submittal to and approval from the DAC and CHAP. Interior alterations do not require DAC or CHAP approval.

The Guidelines are intended to help residents prepare submittals. Even if your particular project is not listed in the guidelines, you should provide a submittal for review.

  • Each Dickeyville property and project is unique and homeowners are invited to submit ideas including the use of new technology.
  • Every project will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • CHAP will not approve a project (and if required, a permit will not be granted) if it has not been reviewed and approved by the DAC.

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