Overview of Architectural Guidelines

Things to Know About Living in An Historic Community

Dickeyville was designated as an “historic district” of Baltimore City in 1969 and was placed on the Federal government’s “National Register of Historic Places” in 1972.  Living in a historic community comes with certain responsibilities that each homeowner must adhere to in order to preserve the charm and architectural character of the village.

Pickwick Rd 2436 Jim HawthorneThe Commission for Architectural and Historical Preservation (CHAP) is the municipal government body that is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and regulating alterations to the exterior of the properties within Baltimore City historic districts
  • Providing resources pertaining to architectural preservation
  • Imposing fines and/or stop work orders on projects that have not obtained approval
  • Pre-approving any project within the District requiring a permit

The Dickeyville Architectural Committee (DAC) is a standing committee of the Dickeyville Community Association and was established by the community to:

  • Help residents adhere to CHAP and Dickeyville architectural preservation requirements
  • Help CHAP in an advisory capacity to work with the community to preserve the historic district
  • Assist CHAP by ensuring that projects are completed per requirement
  • Help to mitigate conflicts between neighbors due to proposed architectural alterations

How do these preservation requirements benefit the homeowner and the community?

  • Promotes rehabilitation efforts within communities
  • Provides eligibility for tax credits and incentives
  • Gives distinction to neighborhoods and enhances marketability
  • Provides protection from demolition and inappropriate development
  • Offers access to expert technical assistance from CHAP

Tax Credit information: If you own a home in Dickeyville and are planning improvements to your property (interior and/or exterior) you may be eligible for tax credits from the State or Local jurisdictions. For more information contact CHAP (details on final page).

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