Other Homeowner Recommendations

Below are a few things to help you preserve, improve and enjoy your Dickeyville home and the historic district:

  1. MAINTAIN: Diligent maintenance can prevent many costly repairs and replacements and help to preserve elements
    of your home that are hard and/or expensive to replace.Artist Studio and skyy Jan 2016 Photo by Sheridan J McCrae-min
  • CHAP has adopted a file of good maintenance and historic preservation procedures for historic buildings. These are on file with the DAC or are available free online at www.nps.gov/tps/.
  • You are expected to maintain your Dickeyville home and the appearance of your grounds in good condition. If they fall into serious disrepair, you will probably hear from the Dickeyville Maintenance Committee.  If you are unhappy with the condition of  a neighbor’s property, you have the option of contacting the Chair of the Maintenance Committee.

2.  REPAIR: If a part of your home requires repair, the DAC and CHAP may be able to help you find qualified contractors who are familiar and experienced with historic details and preservation.

3.  REPLACE: Inevitably there will be times when replacement is the only option. Sometimes what is assumed to be easily replaced is not. For that reason, finding an acceptable replacement for the element PRIOR to demolition or removal is recommended. Please note: CHAP may require documentation that the element that you are replacing is beyond repair prior to approving replacement.

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