Champion City Tree Recognized on Pickwick

It’s now official–Dickeyville has a Champion Tree. In February 2020 officials from the Maryland Big Tree Program designated a massive American Sycamore on Pickwick Road as a Baltimore City Champion. Measuring 14 feet, 4 inches in diameter and 133 feet tall, the beautiful gentle giant is currently listed 13th in Baltimore City’s list of big trees. The official posting is located here.

An official Baltimore CIty Champion Big Tree

Long-time residents, Charleye and Jim, have been caretakers of the Plantus Occidentalis (botanical name) for at least 20 years.

“Since I grew up visiting WV’s largest living sycamore tree (known as The Big Sycamore) in Webster County, it seemed only fitting that we would become the guardians of another big sycamore at our home in Dickeyville. For more than two decades I have remained in awe of this gentle giant. Once I heard the legend of the sycamore that guards The Grotto at The University of Notre Dame, I have regarded this notable tree as the guardian of our home and our village,”. homeowner, Charleye Dyer.

Maryland Big Tree Program is associated with the Department of Natural Resources Forest Service.

Further details about this species available here

BIg Tree Certificate from 2020