A Grieving Village….

The most difficult column to write is that of the passing of our dear friend, Peter Auchincloss, beloved husband of Lisa, father of Sara and Gabby, grandfather of Hattie, and son of Barbara “BJ.”  A better way is to include a link to Peter’s obituary in the Baltimore Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/obituaries/bs-md-ob-peter-auchincloss-20181022-story.html

And to share some words and photos from the many wonderful tributes on Facebook:

Photo by Charleye Dyer 2018

From Sarah Auchincloss Goberdhansingh: “I am numb. I am shattered. But because of you, I know that eventually I will summon the strength to pick the damn pieces up off the floor and get back to living. You taught me to care about my community. You taught me to listen to great music at obscenely loud volumes. You taught me to always push to be a better version of myself. You taught me how to laugh at myself and how to make others laugh. And you will live on when I teach Hattie these, and many other things that you taught me. I cannot believe that you’re gone. It has been an honor and a privilege to be your daughter and I hope I continue to do you proud. I love you, Daddy. Love, Squidget

Photo by Sheridan Jones 2018

From Sheridan Jones McCrae:
“Reflecting on the love and generosity within our humble village of Dickeyville. On Friday evening we gathered with candles to support the family of Peter E. Auchincloss as they exited the Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church. Along with bagpipes and church bells ringing, the candles shone from the roadside, fences, doorways, and windows and lit the way as they walked home. Peter’s mother Barbara, wife Lisa, and two daughters Sara and Gabby looked back in tears to see villagers walking behind silently, lovingly. They later shared the powerful impact it made on the memory of a somber day to recognize Peter’s passing. I’m moved and feeling grateful to be part of this wonderful little place. And to have enjoyed the friendship of an extraordinary character.”

From Herb Smith: “For the DPC (Dickeyville Poker Club), Peter was the patron saint/sinner and guiding spirit. In many ways, it was his creation, a group of free and easy spirits who gathered monthly to carouse, gossip, and lightly misbehave (“Hey Lady”). Losses and gains were largely irrelevant; it was the brotherhood of Baltimore souls that mattered. We connected somehow and as some left, others joined yet Peter was our constant, our Northstar, the Mayor, or AUCH IN CLOSS, the man who sold water heaters (Tip of the Hat to Tim for that one). Every year at the famous Dickeyville 4th of July Celebration, the DPC would join in the neighborhood parade in desperate pursuit of the two trophies awarded. Now some entrants would prepare for weeks, the DPC usually devoted a few hours. There was the infamous synchronized gardening (wacking and blowing), the synchronized swimming complete with pool and no water, and the West Side Story inspired skit of the Forest Park Road closure complete with heavily parodied version of “Gee Officer Krupke.” Peter even wheedled Judge Sfekas to appear for a one liner. To the merriment of many, the rowdy DPC often carted off one of the prestigious trophies and Peter was pleased.  In short, Peter Auchincloss was the proverbial man for all and every season. He deeply loved his family, he cared about his neighbors, he was a fine steward for his city. Peter was a man so full of life even death was caught off guard. Beth and I miss him and wish him every peace on the other side.”

Collated by Phoebe Hayes (extract from the TownCrier)