Presidents’ Day March, Dickeyville-style..!

In the traditional supportive style of this village, a hardy band of Dickeyville patriots gathered, somewhat spontaneously, this past Monday on Presidents’ Day, to celebrate our new President. Not as some may assume, “the small-handed one” from a district south of Baltimore, but the celebrated new leader of our Dickeyville Community Association, Mr. Chris Wharton.

The genesis of this movement came from our very own local activists, Lindsey Anderson and Cara Detwiler, who campaigned last-minute via sms text messages to recruit marchers from the highest reaches of Wetheredsville, to the cul-de-sac end of Pickwick.

Ages of marchers ranged from less than two-year-old Eila to, well………..David Paulson! (this author’s arithmetic doesn’t stretch to calculating such numbers). Wonderful to see youngsters Eila, Henry, Cate, Andrew, Christopher Jr and Oliver leading the charge.

Villagers celebrate new DCA president,  Chris Wharton in a spontaneous 2018 Presidents Day March. Photo by David McCrae

It wouldn’t be a Dickeyville parade without talented musical accompaniment; patriotic tunes rung out from Amy Cyman on flute, Mitch Cyman on horn, the beat of Tyson Fogel’s big bass drum, Cara Detwiler’s rattle, Lindsay Anderson’s bell, all reinforced by Cate on plastic xylophone, and Eila with plastic clarinet.

March distances were unable to be confirmed by electronic step counting devices however, it is believed marchers went the full length of upper Pickwick’s cul-de-sac……….and back! The highlight of the march was a stop at Dickeyville’s own White House which recently relocated to upper Pickwick. As if choreographed by a campaign manager, the village President emerged up a flight of stairs to greet and address his citizens, as well as those dreamer immigrants across the road.

There were no references to fake news in the Presidential address, however this reporter was privileged to receive an exclusive quote, that First Lady Krystal Wharton ‘would be doing a full week of late-night talkshow appearances to follow Presidents’ Day.’

A finishing touch was the coronation-style moment when Fogel placed a crown on the president’s head. Could we see a move towards a monarchy in Dickeyville? Keep attending your DCA community meetings for all developments on this matter.

As always, great fun for participants and nearby neighbors in what seems like the beginning of a new Dickeyville tradition.

By David McCrae (Dickeyville President’s Day marcher & on-the-spot reporter/photographer)