Series Part 11 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Julie Meeks Edwards.

Memories from Julie Meeks Edwards

The recollections….

  • Walking to Crimea for picnics and playing in the wonderful Doll’s House; also walked down Purnell Drive for picnics and berry picking
  • Playing tennis at Crimea on the now gone clay courts
  • At the Stissel house, enjoying the authentic merry-go-round horse in their basement also learning to walk on Vandy’s stilts
  • Antique bottle collecting at the end of 2500 Pickwick around the site of the old Dickey Mansion  (I still have over 50)
  • Walking home from babysitting one night, and pausing to speak to Warren Colgan, when Marion Simms staggered up in his usual post-dinner condition and mistakenly accused  Warren of trying to run off with me.  He implored Warren to think of his wife and children and reminded him that I was a mere child. Between the two of us, we got Simsy home.
  • Jane Brady borrowing our LP of Tom Lehrer singing “Vatican Rag”, to share with FatherTony, at St. Lawrence  (a few other requests followed)
  • Page’s parents driving a car full of teens to witness the lying in state of JFK
  • Listening all summer to the sounds of the roller coaster at Gwynn Oak Park
  • Putting up February High School graduates after their prom in their formal attire, when snow storms or accidents on icy winter roads prevented them from getting home. We would drag mattresses to the living room floor and get out extra blankets and pillows.  Not exactly the end of the magical evening they had anticipated.
  • At age 13 or 14 being allowed to drive a few of the neighbors cars
  • Virginia Spranklin giving Chris and me jars of Jordon Stabler Smithfield ham spread
  • At the same site where Wayne broke his leg, I walked across the 20 foot high plank until I got scared and froze, wondering how I was going to get down. Thank goodnessToni Weigman’s mother arrived and came to my aid
  • I loved the caroling through the village at Christmas
  • Bike riding on and off-road
  • The joyful patriotism felt with the 4th of July activities
  • Loving everything Dickeyville.

By Julie Meeks Edwards

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