Series Part 8 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days memoirs

By Karen Kramme Marcinski

Memories from Karen Kramme Marcinski

I have so many wonderful memories of growing up in Dickeyville!  I was 10 when my parents moved into 2300 Pickwick Rd.  The house was a brand new ugly turquoise color, very much unDickeyville!  For several years, I was called “the new kid”!  I was thrilled to learn that there were 7 girls in my age group.  I come from the Baby Boomer Generation, having been born in 1952. As time passed on, I realized that I was living in a magical place and time with lifetime friends.  It was a time when the village spun a safe place for us to play and grow up.

  • The water house with the big glass bottles.
  • Spending many days after school with Lucy Williams at the dam pushing leaves overthe falls with sticks.
  • Spending the night on the Gibbons’s front porch and walking to the dam in our pjs!
  • Spending the night at Emily Parrot’s house and sleeping in the Guest Room Bed!
  • Hanging out at the Hallman House!
  • Smoking cigarettes in the Church Undercroft!
  • Cherry bombs in the Holdridge fish pond!
  • “Kick the Can” on Wetheredsville Road
  • Sledding on Suicide Hill at Leakin Park
  • Ice Skating on the Dam
  • Painting daisies on the furniture in the church undercroft for the coffee house!
  • The snobby girls from Samuel Ready being nasty to us Pioneer Girls!
  • Riding our bikes on Wetheredsville Road all the way to the end!
  • The 4th of July!
  • The 2 older sisters by the dam who always shook rugs out of the window.
  • Mrs. Beulah Williams, “Hello, Is your mother there “?  This is a good one!  Everyone will relate! and lol!
  • Being “dared” or worse, being called “chicken” if you couldn’t cross to the other side of the dam!  I’m pleased to say that I have completed all the required rules on many levels of dares!  I am not a chicken!
  • The Jr. Garden Club
  • Watching my mom arrange flowers for the Garden Club!
  • Joining the Sr. Garden Club!
  • Walking around with the girls, laughing, singing and enjoying one another and we did this so often!
  • Sitting in the Gibbons’s living room listening to Mike and friends play guitars and sing!  This was a good time!
  • Listening to Anne [Williams] play her piano and remembering how beautiful it sounded!  True!

By Karen Kramme Marcinski

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