Trash Talking

Sebastian Oakes Trash Warrior. Photo by David McCrae Sept 2016

Sebastian Oakes Trash Warrior. Photo by David McCrae Sept 2016

Forest Park Avenue is the only way to enter either end of the historic village of Dickeyville.  Unfortunately, that stretch of road accumulates significant trash; from general litter to hubcaps and fender bender debris. In previous years, community stalwarts have done their best to volunteer to clean it up as regularly as possible.

Most recently, the Oakes family have championed this cause, led from the front by young Sebastian Oakes “The Forest Park Trash Warrior”.

Last Saturday, September 17th was the latest clean up effort with Sebastian, Michael and Susanna having hosted the trash crew for coffee and donuts at 8.45 am before they headed out onto Forest Park Avenue.

The promise of breakfast, camaraderie and a desire to contribute to village life brought out a healthy-sized crew of Mark Luce, Mike Blair, Laura DeWalt, Carsten Vala, David McCrae, David Paulsen, Donna Hamilton, Duncan Hodge, Maxine Hodge, Michael Oakes, Susanna Oakes, our Village President Mel Curry, and of course the inspirational Sebastian Oakes.

Dickeyville Autumn Trash Warriors. Photo by Michael Oakes, Sept 2016

Dickeyville Autumn Trash Warriors. Photo by Susannah Oakes, Sept 2016

This crew was larger than previous efforts and that meant the road was scoured from Purnell at one end of the village to the Wetheredsville Historic Dickeyville sign at the other end, all in about one hour.  Collection efforts produced more than 20 black sacks of trash that where piled into the Oakes’ pickup and later taken to the City facility.

From later summer to fall, we’ll aim to do this once a month – so all assistance is welcomed. Keep your eyes on the DCA group email, the Dickeyville Neighbors Facebook page, and our village website events calendar for future dates and become part of Sebastian’s Trash Warrior crew.

The more hands we have, the quicker we get it done. Show your community spirit in an effort that benefits all of us!

By David McCrae