Recipe by popular demand…

As requested by several villagers, we are posting a recipe for the delightful beverage served at Kathleen Vander Horst’s brunch during July 4th Celebrations.

Bourbon Slush

  • 24 cups strong tea
  • 6  x 12 oz cans frozen orange juice
  • 3  x 12 oz cans frozen lemonade
  • 12 cups bourbon or Canadian Club
  • (Some people add sugar for added sweetness or water for a reason unknown to Kathleen)

Above quantities, makes enough for 50 or so.

InstructionsBourbon Slush_Brunch-Carlye Brooks

  • Mix all ingredients
  • Best to freeze in 3 or 4 pitchers as it thaws more easily than one big clump.
  • Keep some in refrigerator to pour on top of the frozen to keep it like a slush.

Thanks for keeping us hydrated this summer, Kathleen!

Other recipes welcome: For any other favorite recipes you’d be willing to share, please submit details (and a photo if possible) to the DCA Web Team.