Village Aflutter with birds!

Late April and early May are great times to be birding in Dickeyville because the spring migration tends to peak during that time.

A single male hummingbird arrived at my feeder around April 15, but I was a little concerned that four weeks later her is still alone.  Normally I’d have four or five “hummers”, both males and females, visiting the feeder throughout the summer.  My solitary male looks lonely; so if anyone knows the whereabouts of an eligible female, maybe we could arrange for them to meet…!?

In May, I had repeat encounters with two pairs of male and female wood ducks both above and below the dam. I have also received multiple reports of a pair of bald eagles along Wetheredsville Road from Dickeyville to Franklintown Rd.

The following are some of the more interesting birds I encountered in late April and early May both in my backyard and during my walks by the dam and down Wetheredsville Rd.

Birding Table May 2016 by Jim Hawthorne

In my next post, I will present a simple but effective system for identifying birds.  Following that one, I will describe how to make your back yard a magnet for a wide range of birds.

By Jim Hawthorne, Dickeyville Birder