LIVEBaltimore features Dickeyville this month!

Check out today’s article about Dickeyville over at LIVEBaltimore, a website focused on highlighting Baltimore’s 277 neighborhoods.  The LIVE Baltimore team visited the village on 29th April, 2016 and were taken on a walking tour.  Below are a few quotes reflecting their impressions of our slice of paradise.

Beyond its picturesque homes and bucolic setting, a few of us noted how incredible the neighborhood would be for kids to grow up in. Avoiding busy through roads, Dickeyville really is THAT neighborhood where you could spend your days riding bikes, searching for salamanders, playing endless games on the open field near the falls.

It’s that neighborhood were you know neighbors keep an eye out for each other’s kids. Our hosts noted that there was a growing contingent of families who have discovered the neighborhood for these very reasons and were excited to have the positive atmosphere kids bring to a community.

Dickeyville is that neighborhood that offers tranquility without recluse. While it may not be bustling compared to other neighobrhoods, residents drive the social aspects of this neighborhood and have an inviting charm that will draw you in.

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