For the original twitterers – new Birding theme

Long-time village resident, Jim Hawthorne has been birding for at least thirty years – but considers himself more of a dilettante than a serious birder.  Jim has a little over 400 birds on his life list compared to the 5000-6000 he believes would signal a truly serious birder.

Sharp Shinned Hawk Immature. Photo by Jim Hawthorne

Sharp Shinned Hawk Immature. Photo by Jim Hawthorne

In coming months, Jim will share useful birding information with us, including:

  • Birds sightings and those likely to be seen in Dickeyville in the summer, winter, and during the spring and fall migrations
  • Great birding locations within two hours of Dickeyville and beyond
  • Birding paraphernalia including binoculars, scopes, cameras, feed and feeders
  • Recommended bird books, birding apps, and websites

We encourage all villagers to submit posts to the Village Blog about their own experiences with birds in Dickeyville (images are also welcomed with a brief caption about when, where, and what). Jim is happy to respond to questions (via his personal email address listed in the village directory).

Stay tuned for Jim’s first birding post to be published soon!