Entries for Flag Design Contest

By Karen Langenberg & Jack Hoagland

We are delighted to present 7 design options for the new Dickeyville Flag, all created and offered up by members of our community. Bravo and thanks, designers, for your time, effort, and very thoughtful contributions!!  Click on images for larger view.

The next step is to cast our votes (one per resident) on which design we think is the best choice for our new Dickeyville flag. The goal is to select a flag that embodies the spirit of Dickeyville – past, present, and future; has a timeless quality, and is suitable for public display. Please vote with these thoughts in mind.

To view the entries and read each designer’s thinking behind their flag, then CAST YOUR VOTE:

  1. Please open the email sent to residents on 1st May from the DCA President titled “Cast Your Vote for Dickeyville’s Flag”
  2. Within that email, you will click on a link to the online survey
  3. Cast your vote!

Voting closes at midnight, May 15th.

After that, the winning design goes into production. Shhhhh…..the winner stays top secret until our GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT at the Fourth of July Celebration Opening Party, on Friday evening, July 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Langenberg or Jack Hoagland at 443-200-5555.

Thanks, and Have Fun!!


Design A – Quarters: This flag is quartered; the first and fourth quarters reference the arms of Cecil Calvert, Baron Baltimore, and represent our connection to our city and our neighbors. The second quarter contains a mill wheel, representing the history and the industry that created the neighborhood. The third quarter contains a passionflower, Passiflora incarnata, a native plant representing the growth of our neighborhood, its natural beauty, and the passion with which we tend it.

Design B – Quilt: This flag was inspired by the Dickeyville Quilt and neighbors who remember it fondly. It strives to replicate the beautiful primitive artwork style of that quilt.

Design C – Lines, Field, & Firework: In this flag, the blue line across the center represents the Gwynns Falls River. The slant in the line represents the waterfall / dam and the village’s mill history. The grey line below the river represents all the stone walls and historic structures of Dickeyville. The green field on the bottom represents the gardening culture of the village. The blue sky and firework represent Dickeyville’s patriotism and the Fourth of July festivities we enjoy each year.

Design D – Dickeyville in Maryland: This flag has a white map of Maryland on a blue background.  Centered on the correct location of Baltimore is a big four-armed red star, representing the social and cultural star that is Dickeyvillle. The name “Dickeyville” spans the bottom in white.

Design E – Guitar: This flag was inspired by the variety of interesting, talented, and creative people who come together to make up the community. The guitar represents the love of art, music, theater, etc. in the village.

Design F – Watercolor “D”: In this flag, the blues and greens of the forest and water were chosen to represent Dickeyville’s sylvan setting on the Gwynns Falls and Leakin Park. For the same reason, the design shows the movement of water over a dam and the fluttering of tree leaves. Also included are suggestions of our iconic historic buildings – the mill, homes, church, and even the long popular, picket fence. In this version there is a suggestion of the letter “D.”

Design G – Watercolor “Dickeyville”: This version of the Watercolor design incorporates the complete village name along with the other elements already described.