Lecture Series – Book of Revelations & Superheros

Last week Dickeyvillians heard a presentation about the rhetoric of the Book of Revelations and how it relates to modern superhero, sci-fi and fantasy media.

Delivered by Reverend Jennifer Barchi, a pastor at the Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church, Dickeyville residents had the following comments:

“Thank you Jennifer for a particularly thought-provoking presentation. Hard to call it a lecture with all those movie clips.. Among other things it helped to provide some insight into the current political campaigns. We enjoyed it immensely.” Resident, Pat Langenberg

“Very much enjoyed Jennifer Barchi’s fascinating lecture, Superheroes and the Book of Revelations, last night, another in the Dickeyville Lecture Series. Excellent presentation which led to a lively discussion. What an exciting addition to Dickeyville life this Lecture Series is–where else would you find it?” Resident, Sam McCready

The Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church, located in the center of the village, is an active participant in village life with many community association meetings and events held in its function areas.  The church welcomes several Dickeyville residents and parishioners from neighboring areas who attend regular Sunday sessions.   Residents from many religious affiliations (and those with no affiliations) feel at ease in Dickeyville.