New website: Seeking residents’ feedback

Greetings Dickeyvillians,

Firstly, a big thanks to those of you who sent in ideas and feedback to the initial website survey back in November (around 50 villagers).  This heavily influenced the design of the new website and helped to determine which types of features have or haven’t been  included.

Now we’re ready for the (hopefully) final stage of proofing/reviewing the website.   Below is an outline of the type of feedback that would be much appreciated.


  • Does the menu structure make sense?  
  • How was your overall experience moving around the website?

If you notice any major problems such as very slow loading time, large blanks spaces or other weird layouts, please let me know what type of computer/device and age of software you are using.  This is very valuable info to understand if the problem is limited to mobile devices (iPad tablets, phone etc) or if the website design is not cooperating with certain software versions.

Incorrect or incomplete information

Typos – it’s been one set of eyes on this content for many hours and months while mainly focused on layout design –  so in an effort to get it up online asap,  it’s likely I’ve missed a few things here and there.

  • If there is any content that seems incorrect, please feel welcome to send an appropriate update.

Unfinished – Clearly, there are sections that still need further information added.  If you have that knowledge, it would be most appreciated if shared asap.

Variety of Images & Videos

A note about the photos currently representing the village; these were selected from what I had available to use; their selection was influenced both by what message they send and the image quality (composition, lighting, focus, vertical/horizontal alignment and resolution etc).

It would be great to show many more of the village homes and a broader collection of past events, nature scenes and people.  So go through your collections and/or get your cameras clicking!  And check out the suggested submission guidelines (found under About the Blog or Submission Guidelines).

The Next Steps

  1. Send your feedback asap, by 20th March
  2. Design or content changes will be made as appropriate
  3. Replace the existing web content at
  4. You’ll be notified when the site goes fully live and is ready to be shared around
  5. Please check out this new blog post for ways we need your support

Other ideas?

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts on the website by emailing dca.webeditor[at]gmail[dot]com

DCA Web Editor