DCA Standing Committees


Chair of the Dickeyville Architectural Committee (DAC) –  Peter Bailey

This committee is responsible for the review and approval of any changes to the exterior of properties in Dickeyville. The committee helps residents comply with the guidelines of the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation the (CHAP).

Contact Peter via the Architectural Query Form.

For further details and application forms for home projects, please see the Architectural Matters page and the Village Blog’s architectural updates


Chair of the Archives Committee – Mike Blair

This committee is responsible for the research, discovery, collection, assembly and proper storage of all documents, photographs, and artifacts relating to the history of Dickeyville. The committee provides access to these materials for the community through scheduled exhibitions (e.g. July 4th weekend) and by appointment.


Chair of the Hospitality Committee Anne Puckett + Kathleen Vander Horst.  

Mark Luce

Mark Luce

Mark Luce has been a resident of Dickeyville since 1996 and actively involved in organizing community events in conjunction with the DCA and DGC (garden club)and other individually sponsored events. I strongly value our tight-knit community and previously served on the Welcoming Committee. As new community members move in to our village, I seek to meet and greet them bringing information about the history, traditions and logistics as well as a few small gifts provided by the DCA. Our mission is to make newcomers feel welcomed and integrated into our unique and active community.


Planning & Zoning

Chair of the Planning & Zoning Committee –  Mitch Cyman

Public Works

Chair of the Public Works Committee –  Mike Blair


Chair of the Maintenance Committee –  Duncan Hodge


Chair of the Security Committee –  Chris Wharton 

This committee works for a safer, more aware community by keeping residents informed of criminal activity in their area, recruiting block captains as well as cultivating strong community ties with the Baltimore City Police Department.  As a former Security Committee Chairman, Peter Auchincloss (bio above) also currently leads the consortium of community stakeholders from the Dickeyville/Franklintown area, working to reduce crime and improve quality of services, and life, at the Forest Park/Windsor Mill intersection, and beyond.


Co-chair of the Streams Committee –  Mitch Cyman

Mitch has been a resident of Dickeyville since 2012.  He currently serves on the Architectural committee, chair of the planning and zoning committee and as a co-chairperson of the stream clean up committee.  The stream clean-up crew is an organized group of neighborhood volunteers who collect trash from the Gwynn’s Falls watershed, within the Dickeyville community, several times a year.  The clean up serves as an environmental improvement to the Gwynn’s Falls and a neighborhood beautification effort, as many neighborhood events utilize the park area next to the dam.  Email Mitch if you would like to receive emails about upcoming clean up dates (email details in the Dickeyville Directory).

Co-chair of the Streams Committee –  John Crawford

Real Estate

Chair of the Real Estate Committee – Seely Foley

Town Crier

Co chairs of the Town Crier Communications Committee –  Phoebe Kogler Hayes & Sheridan Jones McCrae

Phoebe Kogler Hayes

Phoebe Kogler Hayes

Sheridan J McCrae

This committee is responsible for publishing and distributing The Town Crier at least one week in advance of DCA scheduled meetings. Each issue includes Minutes of previous Membership and Board Meeting, reports from committee chairs and announcements submitted by community and area residents and organizations.  The committee also oversees the update and maintenance of the DCA website and advises on effective communications processes for the DCA.


Further detail about responsibilities of each standing committee is available in the annual Dickeyville Directory given to village residents by the DCA.

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