DCA Dues

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What, exactly, do those dues do? 

Each Dickeyville household is encouraged to contribute by paying an annual amount known as the DCA Dues.  This is not a compulsory fee.  The dues are a key source of revenue used by the voluntary Dickeyville Community Association to organize events, coordinate information sharing amongst neighbors and to represent village interests within the broader Baltimore context.

Here are some prime examples of why it’s a great idea to pay your DCA dues:

  • Helps to keep our community safe thanks to the swift action of DCA President and fellow community members who managed to implement new security measures at the BP Station on Windsor Mill/Forest Park
  • Presses for results on aging roadways – such as the repaving of Forest Park
  • Helps to keep the Gwynns Falls clean through Stream Clean-ups
  • Provides funds and organization for our legendary Fourth of July activities
  • Continues to support new community activities, like the McMillen’s Backyard Concert and the Dickeyville Lecture Series
  • Maintains important archives of historic information for our village
  • Regulates the appearance of Dickeyville according to CHAP guidelines, so that we can continue to enjoy the charm of one of the best neighborhoods in Baltimore

In many communities, HOA fees can be near $400 a month – and the DCA asks a mere $50 a year! Keep Dickeyville vibrant, clean, and safe…return your dues today!

Services delivered every year by neighbors’ DCA fees:

Include a list of annual events, maintenance etc performed every year.

  • Examples here

Other projects accomplished by DCA fees over the years:

Include a list of tangible accomplishments achieved over the years

  • Examples here

How are your DCA Fees Managed?

ADD explanation about decisions, discussion at meetings, treasurer etc

How to pay the DCA fee

Currently, the Dues are $50 for households.  Please deliver cash or check (payable to DCA) to ADD NAME, ADDRESS.  Payments are preferred by ADD DATE each year.  

Final note

Particularly when compared to HOA Fees in other communities, the DCA Dues are incredible value. DCA doesn’t want neighbors to feel unnecessary pressure or hardship so this payment is a voluntary contribution.  However, we hope that awareness gained from the information shared above is enough to recognize that your family gains significant benefits from the efforts of the voluntary DCA.