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Series Part 16 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Susan Crosby Taliaferro. Memories from Susan Crosby Taliaferro The Crosby Crew Take Dickeyville I think I must have been about ten. That would have made Nelson twelve, Ramsey, eight, Lucy, six, and Andy, four. Sarah would have been about minus seven. On the day we

Series Part 15 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Wayne Markert Memories from Wayne Markert Many of my Dickeyville memories cluster around essentially solstice festivals, Christmas and the Fourth of July celebrations. Every Christmas Eve, many villagers gathered in front of our house at 2411 Pickwick Road (such a perfect name). Folks handled out

Series Part 13 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Mike Gibbons. Memories from Mike Gibbons Every one of us kids knew her intimately, every nook and cranny. Inside-out, outside-in. Every twist, every turn. Every nuance. She was like an old dance partner. But we were just kids and couldn’t begin to comprehend what that

Series Part 12 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Ted Rosenberg. Memories from Ted Rosenberg Shortly after I was born, we rented our house [on Forest Park Avenue] out and went off to follow my father’s postings. The main memories from that period were sitting in blackout listening to the Fireside Chats.  Watching the radio!

Series Part 11 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days Memoirs

By Julie Meeks Edwards. Memories from Julie Meeks Edwards The recollections…. Walking to Crimea for picnics and playing in the wonderful Doll’s House; also walked down Purnell Drive for picnics and berry picking Playing tennis at Crimea on the now gone clay courts At the

Series Part 10 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days memoirs

By Linda Gibbons Webster Memories from Linda Gibbons Webster Oh where to begin…so many amazing memories of old Dickeyville! I guess some of my favorite memories rest in the bosom of the Gibbons family homestead at 2323 Tucker Lane, with its country charm, painted white brick

Series Part 9 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days memoirs

By Bill Bartlett Memories from Bill(y) Bartlett The snowball story sparks some memories…except we used mud balls and threw them at busses (to start). We quickly graduated to cars and trucks. One of the stories that sticks in my memory has to do with the storm

Series Part 8 – Extracts from Dickeyville Days memoirs

By Karen Kramme Marcinski Memories from Karen Kramme Marcinski I have so many wonderful memories of growing up in Dickeyville!  I was 10 when my parents moved into 2300 Pickwick Rd.  The house was a brand new ugly turquoise color, very much unDickeyville!  For several years, I