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A Grieving Village….

The most difficult column to write is that of the passing of our dear friend, Peter Auchincloss, beloved husband of Lisa, father of Sara and Gabby, grandfather of Hattie, and son of Barbara “BJ.”  A better way is to include a link to Peter’s obituary in

Three Village Writers Publish Books

This month there were three newly published books authored by Dickeyville residents! New StreetCar Book (with section on Dickeyville by Mike Blair) In Mike’s words: Last year I received a call from Bernie Sachs asking if I could provide any documentation and/or pictures of the StreetCars

Neighbors share sentiments about the village

… It’s the simple things we love….  Check out how a spontaneous question spurred an outpouring of Dickeyville love amongst neighbors. The following comments were added to a Facebook post between September 2016 – May 2017 by members in response to a question raised by

A nomad plants roots in Dickeyville – Deborah Plumstead

Our new neighbor Deborah, got an early start on a peripatetic lifestyle as her family followed her father’s career. First in the military, then in radio (he worked for WFBR when the station was home to the Orioles broadcasts).  They routinely changed residences from Germany

Welcome Mr Eclectic – Andrew Garinther

Andrew grew up as the oldest of four children in a large house in a wooded lot off Falls Road in Lutherville.  He was ready to move on to his own home last summer and clear that he wanted an old house with personality.  He

Three is a crowd…?

Not according to Becky and Mark McMillen who recently welcomed their third child, (sweet) Adeline. The new arrival was born on Jan 10, 2017 weighing in at 6 lb 4 oz.  At 6 weeks old, Addie is just getting adjusted to the basics of babyhood

Love at first sight for Heather..

If Meri Belle (that’s the dog) looks a bit familiar, it’s because she is half sister to Sally Marsh’s standard Schnauzer show dog, Schweitzer. Meri Belle is a nine year old rescue who is very happy to find good company and a stable home with

New furry friends in the village

You may notice a few new four-legged residents wandering around Dickeyville.  We are pleased to introduce the following furry friends: Bill Russ is very attached to basset hounds and it’s been quite a while since his Barney passed away. But never fear, Barney II is