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Village Aflutter with birds!

Late April and early May are great times to be birding in Dickeyville because the spring migration tends to peak during that time. A single male hummingbird arrived at my feeder around April 15, but I was a little concerned that four weeks later her is still

Resources for aspiring birding enthusiasts

This post is the second of several related to birding in and around Dickeyville. Below are resources to assist in your bird spotting pursuits. Photos The blog will come with photos, many created by me and some taken from the internet.   I am using a Canon 60D digital

For the original twitterers – new Birding theme

Long-time village resident, Jim Hawthorne has been birding for at least thirty years – but considers himself more of a dilettante than a serious birder.  Jim has a little over 400 birds on his life list compared to the 5000-6000 he believes would signal a truly serious birder. In