About the Village Blog

The Village Blog aims to give neighbors an account of day-to-day matters, issues of interests and any updates to existing official documents.  While other pages on this website are more static in their content, the Village blog will offer regular blog posts, ideally on a weekly basis.

How to support to the Village Blog?

Snapshot of VIllage Blog optim
When the DCA started to redesign this website, we explored fundamental questions such as why previous web versions were no longer used by the community?  The answer involves two interelated challenges;

  • the high time requirement for individual(s) to maintain the technical backend of the website; and
  • sourcing of new information, added regularly to encourage audiences to visit the website

Both these challenges require village support, in the form of regular, fresh and well-prepared material to make sure the website remains viable.

We highly encourage content contributions from any resident Dickeyvillian.  In fact, it is the lifeblood of keeping our website useful. Below are suggestions for how Dickeyville residents can contribute to the website in ways that support the web editing team.

  1.  Write an article for the Village Blog
    Write an article post on a topic of your choice (+ should be of interest to village readers). For example, an-depth look into a hobby or area of your expertise such as hiking trails in Baltimore, a profile on a village artist, Gwynns Fall watershed improvement effort, a historical account of your home, bird spotting in Leakin Park, or favorite local museum outings for families.

2.  Write an event summary posting for the Village Blog
Commit to write a summary of any village event within a week after the event. Examples include village lectures, the annual bonfire, July 4th events, a stream or road clean up session, or ladies night.

3.  Send photos or videos
Submit only high-quality images and videos that are already edited and in the requested file format – this makes managing the Photo and Video Galleries so much easier.  So please select only your best images (see Guidelines for tips) rather than sending in multiple similar shots.
Consider creating a photo story – a collection of 5-10 images that visually tell a story about an issue or an event.  You can include captions with each image to supplement the storyline.

4. Submit Event details for the Event Calendar
Village residents can submit event information to be included on the Events Calendar.  The Events Calendar is updated once each week, usually on Friday mornings.  So please have your event info submitted before 8pm on Thursday evenings).  You can submit details for your event by filling out the Website Contact Form.

Please follow these suggested these Guidelines for Submitting Content (Click) to help us represent the village well.

Feel welcome to contact the web editing team any time via email dca.webeditor[at]gmail[dot]com about ideas for content on the website.  You can find more about the website here.

Ways to access the Village blog

Search for specific types of posts by using the category types listed Village News Updates (right-side menu).  Blogs posts are filed under the following categories:

  • DCA News (upcoming community meetings, announcements affecting residents etc )
  • Our Dickeyvillians (profiles on neighbors, news about personal accomplishments etc)
  • New Events (information about upcoming events + summary write-ups and new galleries created for recent events)
  • Architectural Updates (tips and updates about architectural matters)
  • Real Estate News (updates about sold/for sale homes in the village, tips on
  • Village History Stories (history buffs share interesting research, stories + images about our village’s past)
  • General Interest Topics (in-depth look into a topic of general interest; cultural, geographical, environmental, health etc)
  • Home, Garden & Nature (seasonal home  + garden maintenance topics; flora + fauna spotted around Dickeyville)
  • Recipes
  • Nearby (restaurants, museums, parks, etc. you enjoy frequenting that easily accessible to the village).
  • In the Media (posts about Dickeyville being featured in local news sources)

Search for older blog posts using the monthly Archives pulldown menu (right-side menu, lower)