Village History

"Dickeyville is a wonderful collection of historic buildings that have been preserved quite carefully". Johns W. Hopkins, Executive Director, Baltimore Heritage, Inc.

Once a bustling village with paper and textile mills, Dickeyville is named after the last mill owner, William J. Dickey. The Gwynn’s Falls, which once powered these mills, winds its way through the community and is now a scenic place for neighbours to gather.

The original Dickeyville homes, built in the 19th century for mill workers and their families, are a mix of clapboard and stone. These homes were restored and updated after most of the village was sold to a developer in 1934. Since then, a number of new homes have been built that complement the older historic structures. Dickeyville was placed on the federal government’s “Register of Historic Places” in 1972. Today there are 137 residences; the Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church built in 1885; and several original mill buildings that now house businesses and artisans. Learn more with our Historical Timeline here.  

Tour Around the Village
From the comfort of your own home, take a captivating and informative walk through the beautiful village of Dickeyville, a complete 19th century mill town in the western part of Baltimore City.
TV host Donna Hamilton and historian William Schultheis help viewers discover the villages charming places, its people and their stories. Truly one of Baltimores little historic garden treasures. 
Source: Youtube, Wilton Martinez of

DV-Map-Walking-Tour-FINAL Web tiniSelf Guided Walking Tour - Take a walk through the village at your own pace.  Visit our page for the Self-Guided Walking Tour  with a labelled map and guided tour along with background on individual homes.  


The video Dickeyville: Then & Now was a community collaboration.  Funding for this project was provided in part by Preservation Maryland and The Maryland Historical Trust.

  • Presented by Donna Hamiton and the late William Schultheis
  • Produced by Wilton Martinez, Steve Davitt, and Pat Hawthorne
  • Music by Greg Shupe and Dennis Diamond
  • Artwork by Mark Luce and Melvin Miller
  • Graphic Design by John Synder

Order the full DVD for yourself or as a gift!  Price of $25  includes shipping and handling. Sales will be donated to the Dickeyville Community Association and the Archives. For further details, please contact Mike Blair, DCA Archives Chair (details are in the Village Directory) or send a message via the DCA Contact Form

Church square. Photo by Aubrey Bodine

Church square. Photo by Aubrey Bodine

  • Gratitude to Sam McCready for collating this historical timeline and creating contents for the Self-Guided Walking Tour.
  • Other sources used to create this account of Dickeyville's history include village historians Dr. Feather Davis and DCA Archivist Mike Blair.


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