Neighbors share sentiments about the village

… It’s the simple things we love….  Check out how a spontaneous question spurred an outpouring of Dickeyville love amongst neighbors. The following comments were added to a Facebook post between September 2016 – May 2017 by members in response to a question raised by a current resident. Comments were then extracted and compiled here (with individual names removed for privacy).

Originating question from Facebook – “Here’s a fun game – post something that you love about Dickeyville! How many comments can we gather??”

Quotes from Dickeyvillians in response:

  • I love the fact that a run in Dickeyville never includes less than three stops to chat with the neighbors who you see out and about! 
  • The peace and serenity of the falls and the great people!
  • The neighbors in DV! 
  • The history, the gardens, the friendly neighbors, and the sound of the falls!
  • I love the wonderful, caring friends I’ve made. And that the neighbors here know and help each other. I’ve never lived anywhere like this.
  • The trees
  • The wonderful birds – night herons and great blues and kingfishers and eagles, mergansers and wood ducks and Canada geese. And the hooting of the barred owls. And the trail, with all its branches.
  • The passionate and talented neighbors, beautiful houses/yards, all the dogs, and living right off a great biking trail.
  • The warmth and inclusiveness of the villagers.
  • How even though we don’t always see eye to eye we work together as a community to solve problems.
  • I love the old homes with so much character and history. In our home we were given pictures of almost every room as it was in the 50’s. We framed each one and placed in its respective room. They make such good conversation pieces.
  • I was running through Leakin Park the other day and got 3 nice comments (1 in the park, 2 at the apartments).
  • I love everything about this post and comment thread!
  • I love the whole atmosphere of community in Dickeyville, combined with the historical character of the village. I’m very grateful I found this place to make my new home.
  • Multiculturalism
  • That Dickeyville has always been a small town.
  • In Dickeyville I feel close to nature. As my wife and I sit on our back patio in the evening and see the sun reflected in the trees along the Gwynn’s Falls, I repeat over and over again, “This is Paradise”. And I love the people of Dickeyville, among them many folks who use their professional expertise and contacts to make our life here as good as it is. When we are in our native Ireland, I wonder why we  are returning to the US. Once I’m back in Dickeyville, I know why!
  • Gardens and wild life.
  • Watching the rain fall or fireflies from the safety of my patio, dang mosquitoes
  • I love that Dickeyville STILL feels like home. Even after a short period of time, I miss the smiling faces of all my beautiful neighbors. Sending BIG hugs to you all!
  • Quirky neighbors 😉
  • So far — neighbors and dogs! The sound of the falls and great walks!!
  • Lovely garden views!
  • I love that my mother and I were welcomed into the neighborhood with hugs and laughter. I love that we continue to meet new people and that each person has a wonderful story or talent. I like that I can be a city gal and a county girl! I am grateful that being here has given me a lot of new opportunities in my field of photography. Everyday I look out of my window, even during a massive storm, it still looks beautiful. It never gets old!
  • I love it that Dickeyville comes together to create celebrations! I’m thrilled to be in a community where people know each other and stop to chat when they meet.
  • I love the true neighborliness and sense of community that is Dickeyville.

Dickeyville – A genuinely fabulous place to call home!