A bouncing ball settles in Dickeyville – Kirsten Downs

New Neighbor, Kirsten Downs has happily taken up residence in Dickeyville.  She loves the cozy feel of her house and feels it’s just right for her lifestyle.  The first thing one sees in Kirsten’s living room is a magnificent set of conga drums, one of the hobbies she pursues along with her busy career in the Public Defenders office of Montgomery County.

Kirsten Downs. Photo by Maxine Hodge

Kirsten has had many stopping places before settling in Dickeyville. Kirsten was born in Philadelphia and most of her extended family is still there, but her parents moved to Baltimore in 1985 when her father became VP of Student Affairs at Morgan State University.  She went to law school in Berkeley, California then worked in the US Virgin Islands as a Federal Public Defender for a few years.

She bounced back to the States, where she tried her hand at development work – raising funds for Smith College in Massachusetts.

Moving on to DC, Kirsten became an attorney recruiter for the Department of Justice, where she enjoyed traveling and meeting attorneys from across the United States. This was followed by another 4-year stint in the US Virgin Islands, which ultimately turned out to be too limiting geographically and socially.

Bouncing back to Baltimore, she secured a job with the Maryland Public Defenders Office in PG County, where she worked for five years, eventually moving to the Baltimore City Office of the Public Defender in West Baltimore.

Just this summer, she has started working in Rockville Maryland, a job that involves handling cases but also mentoring and training younger attorneys.  Although it is a long commute, Kirsten wanted to stay in Baltimore to be near family and enjoy all that the city has to offer.  Dickeyville’s proximity to Route 70 and Route 29 makes the daily journey manageable.

Before moving to Dickeyville, Kirsten rented a row house in Union Square.  She enjoyed the neighborhood, the many art shows and activities on the Square and even joined the board of the Southwest Charter School.  But the homes in Union Square were ‘too vertical” and didn’t provide much gathering space.

She started looking for her perfect home last spring focusing on a commuter- accessible location, which was afforded by the West Side of town.

She fell in love immediately with the nicely renovated home on Pickwick, moved in on the Sunday before Christmas and unpacked boxes in a flash, to be ready for holiday visits from members of her family who live in the area.

She loves the warm feeling of Dickeyville and wants to be involved in village life. Even with her long commute she hopes to resume some of her hobbies that include conga drumming, belly dancing, yoga, baking and spending quality time with her delightful sweetheart, Aquil.

Please heartily welcome Kirsten Downs to the village.