Winning Flag Design Announced

Due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce Dickeyville’s new village flag. Rather than waiting until our July 4th weekend, this earlier announcement allows us take your orders early, have your flags produced, and see the village ablaze with our new standard over our July 4th weekend of celebrations!!

The Winning Design

Every Dickeyville resident had an opportunity to submit their vote via an online survey held between May 1- 15th, 2016. CONGRATULATIONS go to the designer of “Quilt” –  local resident, Cassie Sherman-Marks.

Quilt flag1-500x300

All seven flag designs submitted were well-received but “Quilt” was the consensus favorite.

Quotes about the Quilt design included:

“It’s very cheerful and evocative of the village, its history, and the spirit of community”

“It communicates the most about Dickeyville’s character”

“It best captures the warmth of Dickeyville”

“It’s almost a replica of what I picture in my mind when I think of Dickeyville”

“When I think of where I live this is a picture that says a 1000 words”

“Makes me smile – looks nice, happy, charming”

“Dickeyville is one of the best preserved Mill Villages in Baltimore City and the Quilt Design represents that preservation”

“They’re all wonderful, but I just love the houses…it embodies what makes Dickeyville what it is…”

Tough Decision

Thanks also to our other designers, Will Detweiler, Don Langenberg, Mark Luce, Michael Oakes, and Martin Sherman-Marks. Villagers had a difficult decision choosing their favorite design.  Among their comments:

“My thanks to all who submitted designs, they are all excellent”

“Any one of the submissions would make the community proud. Knocked out by the thoughtfulness of the entries.”

“All the entries were inspired and thoughtful”

“It’s very cool and I’ve never had a flag contest”

“Great idea for encouraging us to celebrate our neighborhood and for getting us excited for the 4th” 😁

“!!!DICKEYVILLE – you ROCK!!!”

Stay tuned for flag ordering information and instructions to come.

Karen Langenberg & Jack Hoagland
Co-chairs of 2016 July 4th Celebrations